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Scadabay Meal-Cellar

By Kenneth Campbell - Added 15/04/2014

Audio of Kenneth Campbell talking about how meal was taken into Scadabay by cargo-boat and stored in a meal-cellar there. Dur: 2.07

Kenneth Campbell recalls his father telling how a sailing ship would come into the bay with its cargo of meal. This was probably a vessel belonging to the Campbell family as they used to take meal from Ireland on their ships. The meal was not bagged but was loose in the hold. Barefooted dockers would shovel it into sacks and others would carry the sacks and empty them into the meal-cellar. School children would come to the shore to see if they could fill their pockets with meal, which they would eat dry, but more often than not they would be chased away by sailors spraying some tar in their direction to scare them off.
There was a large population in The Bays at that time and many people would gather to wait for the cargo of meal to arrive. The small bay would be full of little boats and folk would position themselves on the hills above the village to keep a lookout for the ship.