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Kenneth Campbell: Ancestry

By Kenneth Campbell - Added 16/04/2014

Audio: Kenneth Campbell tells how his ancestors first settled in Scadabay. This illustrates the importance families attached to knowing their genealogy. 

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John Campbell and his brother Alasdair, known as Alasdair an t-Siorram came to Scadabay from the Pàirc area of Lewis, at Loch Claidh, north Loch Seaforth in 1820. According to Kenneth there is still a ruin on the edge of the loch that is known as Tobht' an t-Siorram. They settled on land at the Mol area of Scadabay, where croft no.5 is today. Alasdair was already married but Iain was a single man and around 1825 he married Rachel MacDonald of Plocrapol (croft 10 Drinisiadar). They settled on land in Scadabay where Kenneth Campbell's sons now live (2013). Rachel was the daughter of Lachlann Bàn MacDonald (fair-haired Lachlann) and his descendants still live on the same croft at Laig, Plocrapol. Catherine MacDonald runs the camp-site that her father Angus opened there about 50 years ago. Catherine's family line can be traced by her patronymic, Catherine daughter of Angus, son of Donald-Alex, son of Murdo, son of Donald, son of Lachlann. Alasdair Campbell in Scadabay has an equally interesting "sloinneadh"; Alasdair, son of Kenneth, son of Alasdair, son of Kenneth, son of Alasdair (Siorram)
To further illustrate the many strands of relationship between families in Harris the writer’s mother is Ina daughter of Donald, son of Neil, son of Donald, son of Lachlann, i.e. back to the same Lachlann Bàn who was born in 1760.