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Rocky Shore Animals

painted topshell.jpgPainted Topshell    (Photo: Sue Scott)

While some animals found on a rocky shore can move freely about, others are fixed in place or can move only very slowly. When the tide goes out, shore creatures are exposed to the dangers of drying out and attacks from predators such as gulls. Most mobile animals will either retreat with the falling tide or hide beneath the seaweed to keep themselves from harm. Animals that are unable to move, or choose to stay put, have to protect themselves from these dangers in different ways.

Exploring Rocky Shores

Many creatures hide beneath rocks and boulders when the tide goes out, to avoid predators and to prevent them from drying out. These, and others which are fixed to the rock, can be seen by turning it over at low tide. However if you don't put the rock back how it was, many of these animals will die because they can't live on top of a rock that dries out twice a day. Its therefore essential that you turn the rock back over when you've finished looking at it, or the creatures won't be there next time you visit, they will have dried out or been eaten.

Here are links to some animals you will find on our Rocky Shores:

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by Paul Tyler

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