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Common winkles are numerous where the shore isn't too exposed. These sea snails graze algae from the rocks. Winkles and whelks have a special door attached to their tail that seals up the entrance to the shell when the animal withdraws. This stops the winkle from drying out when the tide has receded, and protects it from predators. There are several other species of winkle, the smallest of which can be found high on the shore where it rarely gets submerged. This winkle has the ability to breathe air rather than using gills to get its oxygen from the water as most sea snails do.

winkles.jpgCommon Winkles    (Photo: Sue Scott)

Winkles find shelter when the tide goes out, but resume their grazing once the water returns. 

flat winkle on serratus.jpgFlat Winkle    (Photo: Sue Scott)

A different winkle species - the flat winkle, resting on serrated wrack

by Paul Tyler
Link to Rocky Shore Animals