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Snakelocks Anemone

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Like the beadlet anemone, this animal stings its prey with its tentacles and stuffs it into its mouth. The anemone gets its name from its supposed likeness to the mythical Gorgon, who had live snakes instead of hair. This anemone is unusual in that it is unable to retract its tentacles, and in still water the long tentacles writhe around like snakes. The colour is a dull grey or brown, but the tips of the tentacles are often bright purple. Look for these anemones at the bottom of the shore, where they are often attached to seaweed. They are also fairly common on rocks and weeds below the low water mark.

snakelocks.jpgTwo snakelocks anemones in a rockpool    (Photo: Paul Tyler)

Anemonea sulcata.jpg(Photo: Paul Tyler)

This snakelocks anemone has purple tips to its tentacles

by Paul Tyler

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