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Queen Scallop

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The queen scallop or 'queenie', is a smaller version of the king scallop, and can be distinguished from small kings by the shell - both sides are curved, instead of one flat and one curved shell. Its an even better swimmer than the king scallop, and is often found with a bright orange sponge completely covering its shells. Queenies feed in the same way as king scallops but seem to prefer muddier seabeds. They can also sometimes be found attached to submerged objects such as ropes.

queenie with orange sponge.jpgQueen Scallop    (Photo: Paul Tyler)

A queen scallop resting on a muddy sea floor. The orange stuff is in fact a sponge which often grows on the shells of queenies.

queenie.jpgQueen Scallop    (Photo: Sue Scott)

Like the scallop, a queenie looks out for trouble with its sensitive tentacles and blue crystalline eyes.

by Paul Tyler

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