Wild Harris

Pollock and Saithe

These two similar fish are predatory fish that are often found hanging around reefs and wrecks.

The saithe has a straight lateral line, and is has a dark back which gives it its alternative name of Coley or coal fish. The Pollock, also called Lithe, is larger than the saithe, and can be distinguished by the sharply curved lateral line and protruding lower jaw. Its back is more of a silvery-gold colour and it is considered very good to eat.

saithe shoal.jpgSaithe Shoal    (Photo: Sue Scott)


Saithe often occur in large shoals, particularly where tidal currents bring fresj supplies of food. Pollock or Lithe are more often seen patrolling reefs and rocky outcrops, where they feed on small fish and crustaceans.

by Paul Tyler