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Enteromorpha (Gutweed)

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Some green weeds are very fast growing and are quick to colonise new rocky surfaces. Enteromorpha (gutweed) is commonly seen where rocks are regularly scoured clean by sand. Its also usually the first weed to grow along the waterline of a boat.

ephemeral green weed horgabost.jpg(Photo: Paul Tyler)

These rocks are regularly scoured by sand. Only fast growing green weed can survive these harsh conditions

enteromporpha 1.jpg(Photo: Paul Tyler)

Gutweed growing where there is fresh water. This weed is fried and sold in chinese restaurants! Gutweed plants are also able to tolerate more fresh water than most other weeds, and will often be seen where a burn meets the sea.

green weed in freshwater seep.jpg(Photo: Paul Tyler)

A freshwater stream at Northton encourages the growth of green seaweed

by Paul Tyler

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