Wild Harris


Dunlin 1 CReddick.jpgDunlin, Summer    (Photo: Cliff Reddick)

The dunlin is a wading bird – you can tell from the long legs that it is designed to wade through shallow water, so that it can push its bill into the sand looking for food.

In the summer it has a black belly and speckled chest.

Dunlin nest on the machair and can be seen feeding around small pools. You can often hear its lovely piping call.

Dunlin 3 LCampbell.jpgDunlin, Winter    (Photo: Laurie Campbell)

In winter, the it loses its black belly and the chest is not as speckled.

Dunlin 4 LCampbell.jpgDunlin, Flock    (Photo: Laurie Campbell)

Dunlins move to the coast and gather together in flocks. They feed on the sandy shores, especially where freshwater flows down to the sea, like at Seilebost.

by Alison Tyler