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Dahlia Anemone

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This animal looks so much like a flower that its named after one! Mainly found in exposed situations, particularly surge gullies where the waves constantly churn up the water, these anemones have sticky warts on their body which enable them to attach small pieces of shell to themselves, which may be for protection or camouflage. Dahlia anemones come in a dazzling variety of colours, arranged in multicoloured bands around the centre.  

The stinging tentacles of this dahlia anemone will tranfer their paralysed prey to the central mouth

dahlias multicoloured.jpgDahlia Anemone    (Photo: Sue Scott)

A deadly garden.

These flower like animals are beautifully coloured but spell certain death to any small creature that bluders into them. As you can see the dahlia anemone comes in a dazzling array of different colour varieties.

by Paul Tyler

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