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Much rarer than the lobster, the crayfish is orange in colour, has long serrated antennae, and hasno large claws. Crayfish are usually found on vertical rock faces in exposed coasts, such as the underwater cliffs below the Scalpay lighthouse, the west coast of Scarp and around St Kilda. They are not attracted to lobster creels so have to be caught using tangle nets – fine meshed nets that are draped across the rockface and snag on the spines of the crayfish. Like the lobster, a crayfish has a large muscular tail to propel it away from danger, and its this muscle that makes the crayfish good to eat.

crayfish 2.jpgCrayfish    (Photo: Paul Tyler)


Crayfish don’t have large claws like crabs or lobsters, but do have very sharp serrated antennae which are good defensive weapons.

by Paul Tyler

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