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Breadcrumb Sponge

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Sponges are one of the oldest and most primitive multicellular groups of animals on earth. They are almost like a group of single celled animals living together in a colony - if you mash up a living sponge and force it through a fine sieve to separate all its cells, it will in time reassemble itself back into a sponge again. Sponges as you know are full of holes where water moves in and out. Tiny holes cover the surface where water is drawn into the sponge; the food particles are strained out and the cleaned water is expelled through large surface holes which are the ones you can see. Breadcrumb sponges are found low down on the shore in damp shady places, as well as underwater Ð they do not survive drying out. The colour varies considerably, from yellow.

breadcrumb sponge.jpgBreadcrumb sponge    (Photo: Sue Scott)

The large holes in this bright orange breadcrumb sponge are where it forces out the water after straining out its food. (See Rocky seabed section for more sponges)

by Paul Tyler

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