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Golden Road Memories

By Norah MacDonald - Added 18/04/2014

Audio of Norah MacDonald who was brought up at Bayhead, Meavag telling about her first memory of the Golden Road. Dur 0.59

Norah's first conscious memory is of seeing lots of activity and men working outside their home. This was round about 1949 or 1950 when the Golden Road was being constructed. They worked on it from each end, eventually meeting between Scadabay and Plocrapol, just outside Scadabay. Apparently it didn't quite connect as it should have, and after much debate as to which team had got it wrong it was at last joined up, albeit with a wider passing place to mark the spot! As Norah relates Alasdair Ruairidh Uilleam from Drinisiadar celebrated by driving the completed circuit and tooting the whole way round.