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First House in Grosebay

By Donald A Mackay - Added 17/04/2014

Audio of Donald Alex Mackay of Grosebay continuing the oral tradition of previous generations, telling the Harris Historical society in 1981 about the first house, not just in Grosebay but in the whole of the Bays.

Donald Alex MacKay tells how there was only one house in the whole of the Bays, north of Rodel at one time. This was where MacLeod of Dunvegan's shepherd lived. The house was in Grosebay where Ruairidh Lachlainn's house used to stand (across the road from MacLennan carriers' depot). When the shepherd died he was buried in a stone coffin, close to the door of Rodel church according to Donald Alex. The lid is decorated with a carving of a dog and a shepherd's crook. Dur: 1.16