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Drinisiadar Shops

By Norah MacDonald - Added 17/04/2014

Audio of Norah MacDonald of Bayhead, Miabhag, talking about the shop her grandfather had in Drinisiadar. Dur: 01.59

Norah’s grandfather, John MacDonald, lived at Ceann na Cleithe in Drinisiadar. There were three houses built into the side of the hill above the road. Her grandfather lived in one and her uncles Alex and Kenneth lived in the other two. John was the local postman, delivering mail three times a week on foot to the neighbouring villages. Kenneth ran the Post Office and Alex the shop. They would take stores in for the shop by boat from Tarbert. They ran a ferry service twice a week from Drinisiadar and also took locals to church in Tarbert on a Sunday. The shop was still open in the 1960’s but the completion of the Golden Road meant mobile shops could bring their wares to the doorstep, which inevitably meant the demise of the small village shop. Norah also used to call in at Roderick MacDonald’s shop, at the other end of the village on her way home to Miabhag after school.