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By Donald A Mackay & Kirsty Macleod - Added 17/04/2014

Audio of Donald Alex MacKay and his sister Chirsty talking in the early 1980s about the amount of land surrounding their village of Grosebay that was being cultivated in their youth. Dur: 1.14

Rachel and Donald Alex talk about the vast area of "feannagan" (ridges) that was being cultivated when they were children, much of it quite a distance away from the houses on the coast towards Scadabay. Donald Alex mentions an old tower, Roderick's tower, being in that area and they also talk about two caves being on either side of the loch. These places are now unknown to many as the area is no longer cultivated and therefore seldom visited by anyone. At that time families depended on food they produced themselves and Chirsty remembered that while still living in the old family thatched house they had three large potato-pits filled with enough potatoes to see them through till the next crop. They would fertilise the ridges with seaweed which gave them an excellent crop but she and her brother both make the observation that now, at the time of recording the conversation in the 1980s, there wasn't much seaweed to be seen on the shore.