Wild Harris

Purple Moor Grass

IMG_6727.jpgPurple Moor Grass     (Photo: Joan Cumming)

This is a very common grass on the moors. It has broad green leaves that turn a yellow straw colour in the winter. It has a purple flower spike that gives it its name. Purple Moor Grass grows in wet boggy areas where it forms tussocks making the ground uneven and difficult to walk over. By forming tussocks the plant raises itself up out of the wet and boggy areas where the roots struggle to get oxygen.

20140708_123346.jpgPurple Moor Grass Tussocks    (Photo: Joan Cumming)
Purple Moor Grass is a course grass with little nutrition so it is generally avoided by sheep and deer and can become very common in areas with high levels of grazing. Cows are less selective grazers and will eat Purple Moor Grass and break up the tussocks.

by Robin Reid