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Wild Harris


Kestrel 1 LCampbell.jpg(Photo: Laurie Campbell)

Kestrels search for food by hovering

The Kestrel is one of our smallest birds of prey. It searches for food by hovering (staying in the same place in mid air) which allows it to spend long periods of time searching the ground for prey from above in places where there are no high vantage points to perch. Kestrels usually feed on small mammals favouring field voles but as there are no voles on Harris, our Kestrels feed mainly on small birds, large insects such as beetles and possibly wood mice.

Kestrels don’t make nests
Like all falcons, Kestrels don’t make a nest of their own. They usually use the nests of other similar sized birds such as crows, or lay their eggs directly onto a rock ledge. On Harris kestrels nest on rock ledges in crevices on small crags as well as on some of our largest rock faces.