Wild Harris

Conger Eel

The conger has a ferocious reputation amongst anglers since it puts up a terrific fight when caught, although they pose no danger to divers unless they feel threatened. Conger eels live in holes in and under rocks, and find plenty of suitable hidey-holes inside shipwrecks. Conger eels breed in the deep ocean, and swim to shallow water where they spend many years feeding and growing. To breed they return to the ocean deeps where they stop feeding (lose all their teeth!), mate and die. Conger eels can grow to a considerable size, up to 3 metres in length, and have given many a creel fisherman a nasty surprise when attracted to the bait in their creels.

conger.jpgConger    (Photo: Sue Scott)

This conger eel emerges from its rocky lair, surrounded by a large number of feather stars.

by Paul Tyler