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Atlantic White Sided Dolphin

White Sided Dolphin_HWDT_L. Drysdale.jpgAtlantic White Sided Dolphins (Photo: HWDT)

Atlantic white-sided dolphins are fairly easy to identify having sharply delineated bands of grey white and yellow below the upper body which is dark grey, with a small head and a short, inconspicuous beak. When fully grown, they can measure between 2.4 to 2.8 metres and weigh over 230 kg. They prefer the continental shelf regions west of the Outer Hebrides, and although they tend to move closer to the coast throughout Hebridean waters during summer months, they are rarely seen within the Continental Shelf in the Hebrides. In the waters off the west coast of Scotland, Atlantic white-sided dolphins have been seen in social groups of two to 30 animals, whilst larger aggregations of several hundred individuals are seen in other areas.

White sided dolphin_HWDT_G. Leaper.jpgAtlantic White Sided Dolphin    (Photo: HWDT)

by The Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust

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