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The Whaling Station in the 1920s

The whaling station re-opened in 1920 following repairs and some new construction work. However, it closed at the end of the following season because the Norwegians felt that it was no longer profitable. They sold the works to the Harris Whaling and Fishing Company, created by Lord Leverhulme. The factory re-opened in 1923, processing just as many whales as before, but the world market for whale oil was declining. Natural gas, petroleum and its derivatives were becoming cheaper alternatives and the station closed in 1928.

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(Photo: Jill Harden)

The chimney that still stands was built for the second boiler house. The now roofless stone-walled laboratory dates to the 1920s when a range of new buildings were constructed. They were timber or metal framed on concrete slabs and clad in corrugated iron, asbestos sheets or timber.

By Jill Harden

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