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Sourcing and Erecting the Stone

Clach Mhic Leoid.jpg

(Photo: Jill Harden)

The slab was quarried from a rock face, presumably from the hill nearby. It may have been particularly chosen for its coloured veins of quartz and feldspar. Looking closely at one of the long edges of the tall slab you can see a few scallop-shaped scars. These may reflect the use of wedges to prize the slab from the rock.

Having quarried the slab, it was dragged or moved on rollers to this site. A pit was then dug and lined with stones or wood. A ramp was built so that the larger end of the slab could be pulled up it to overhang the pit. Along with its weight, ropes and props were used to help tip it into the hole.

Clach Mhic Leoid2.jpg

(Photo: Jill Harden)

By Jill Harden

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