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Lingerabay PLingerbay from the air   (Photo: P & A Macdonald,SNH)

Back on the main road, and over another hill or two and you come to Lingerbay, site of the proposed world’s largest super-quarry, which led to Scotland’s longest ever public inquiry. There had been an earlier quarrying operation, during the Second World War, which is still visible on the skyline above the village, where feldspar was extracted and used in the manufacture of ceramics and glass. It is not very well known that this highest grade of optical glass was used in submarine periscope lenses; so Lingerbay in an extraordinary way played an important part in the war effort. At the end of the township road is Bayhead where from one family three of the sons became Master Mariners. On the rocky slopes of Beinn na h-Aire amongst the heather, there are luxuriant carpets of prostate juniper spreading over boulders, probably the most prolific site in all of the islands. The climb up to the top of Roineabhal is a must, the views are spectacular.

By John Macaulay, 2014

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