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Finsbay and Borsham

Finsbay and Roinebhal Chris Whitelaw_105956159.jpgFinsbay and Roineabhal (Photo: Chris Whitelaw)

Along the road and into Finsbay there is a road junction, where branching to the right is the Loch Langavat road which takes you directly through the hills for six miles to Leverburgh, and is the most frequently used route. The main road continues through Finsbay and on towards Rodel.

At the junction there is a pottery and arts centre. This is in the former Free Presbyterian Church. Along from here at the house with a telephone kiosk was another shop and Post Office owned by Donald Campbell. Continuing uphill there is another junction, this time to the left, and leading to Borsham. It is worth a visit to see the picturesque bay at the end of the road.

Autumn in BorshamChris Whitelaw_914083773.jpgBorsham in Autumn     (Photo: Chris Whitelaw)

By John MacAulay

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