Past & Present

Changing Landscapes

Scientists believe that 12,000 years ago the headland at Borve would have been on the south side of a large west-facing bay. The northern point of the bay was the west end of Tarasaigh. The southern point was west of Gob an Tobha – Toe Head. Since then the coastline has changed dramatically. The Western Isles are gradually sinking under the waves and increased storminess is currently exacerbating the erosion of the coast.

Borgh Chambered Cairn3.jpg

Borgh Chambered Cairn with the isle of Tarasaigh beyond. (Phtoto: J Harden)

It is difficult to imagine the landscape as it was some 5,500 years ago. Perhaps the sea was about half way between the projected coastline of 12,000 years ago and today's beaches. Tarasaigh was presumably an island by then. But further research is required to fully understand the extent and speed of these changes.

By Jill Harden

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