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The Castle in Samuel Scott’s Time

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle and the estate employed a staff of around 30, all of whom had to be provided with accommodation. Those who came to work at Amhuinnsuidhe were either given rooms in the castle or were housed in new buildings just west of the arched gateway.

While the Scotts spent most of the year in England, permanent employees kept the castle. The staff also maintained the sea, river and loch fishings and boats. They cared for the ponies and dogs. They planted the shrubberies and woodland and managed the glasshouses. They built and maintained the hill tracks and repaired the horse-drawn carts and carriages. Additional staff were taken on for the season, to serve in the castle, to work as assistant ghillies and stalkers, or to skipper the sea-going boats.


(Photo: Joan Cumming)

The Scott's and others invested in improving the loch fishings of Harris, employing local labourers, ghillies, boatmen and temporary house staff to ensure angling success. The river and loch fishings close to Amhuinnsuidhe were enhanced by building cascades and concrete dams. Such developments were not unusual at this time and examples of other facilities for Victorian and Edwardian fishermen can be found across Harris.

By Jill Harden

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