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Borgh Chambered Cairn

Borgh Chambered Cairn.jpg

(Photo: Jill Harden)

This mound on the headland, with its jumble of huge slabs, is all that remains of a burial cairn built around 5,500 years ago. The huge covering cairn of stones, more than 20m in diameter and over 4m high, has disappeared. It once overlooked good agricultural land to the north, but is now beside the sea.

Borgh Chambered Cairn2.jpg

(Photo: Jill Harden)

The kerb-stones around the outer edge of the turf-covered cairn can be seen in places. But the shape of the central burial chamber and the location of the passage to it are difficult to decipher. Most of the large slabs that are visible seem to have been turned, perhaps during attempts to move other slabs and stones for use elsewhere. Stones could have been taken for buildings at the large18th-century township of Middle Borve, which was between here and the road. Perhaps other stones from this huge cairn were used in much earlier settlements which have now disappeared under the machair or under the sea.

By Jill Harden

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